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Handmade Silver Jewellery

The Jewellery Room jewellery shop and website has an eclectic collection of handmade silver jewellery. There is a fantastic wealth of designers who design and make their own handmade silver jewellery range. We keep an eye open at the Jewellery Room for unusual and new designers.

We are building up a collection from designer Katherine Grimes and her handmade silver jewellery especially her knot range which has proved to be very popular. As an individually craftsman trained jewellery designer producing bespoke and commissioned items her work is heavily influenced by the natural world and organic form.

The main body of her handmade silver jewellery work focuses on the cool elegance of hand beaten and crafted silver, fused with semi precious stones and carefully chosen pearls.

Linda MacDonald is a very well known designer of handmade silver jewellery based in Scotland. Her designs are always changing and developing as each piece is hand made. Her work is now being sold throughout Britain and overseas.

Julia Groundsell is another designer of handmade silver jewellery that has proved popular at the Jewellery Room. Her designs are eyecatching and contemporary which is part of her design ethos. Her handmade silver jewellery combines a matt and polished finish.

Handmade silver jewellery is becoming more and more popular. Its uniqueness and quality is reflected in its price but people are more prepared now than ever to pay that price for individuality.

Many designers and companies have gone on to design their work and have it made in South America in order to keep the cost down. We sell handmade silver jewellery which is handmade in Mexico and still designed by the original designer in the UK. Quality and cost is overseen by their representatives but by making in South America the cost is kept down.

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